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'Arrested Development' Cast Dishes On Behind-The-Scenes Details From The New Season

Only a week remains until Netflix releases all 15 new episodes of "Arrested Development," and the coming days are sure to be filled with "Final Countdown" references, along with banana stand and stair car sightings. As we mentioned in an earlier feature, LAist attended the "Arrested Development" press conference on May 4, and it was sometimes hard to hear the actors' answers over the laughter in the room—which is par for the course when this group gets together.

'Arrested Development' Cast Reveals New Details About Their Forthcoming Netflix Season

Ever since Netflix announced the resurrection of Arrested Development—and with it, the dysfunctional Bluth family—people have felt more excited than Buster holding a juice box or Lucille discovering Gene Parmesan in disguise. (And if you didn't get those references, there's still time to watch the previous seasons before Netflix releases 15 new episodes on May 26!) Although the cast has been tight-lipped in recent months, LAist got some fresh Bluth scoop during their press conference on May 4.

Bagavagabonds' Traveling 'Art Migration' Showcases Awesome Local Art And Music

In recent years, the local creative collective Bagavagabonds has hosted some of the best art-centric events in the city. This year, their popular Art Explosion has evolved into a three-city Art Migration that will hit Los Angeles tonight. Tonight's event will feature live art installations, screen-printing, an old-fashioned letterpress, interactive smart vehicle experiences (including a horn organ), a hosted bar and free haircuts.

So Say We All: Highlights From The Battlestar Galactica Panel At Comic-Con 2012

Battlestar Galactica will celebrate its 35th anniversary next year, and enthusiasm still runs high. This year's packed panel at Comic-Con on July 12 delighted fans of the original series as well as the reboot. Richard Hatch—who played Capt. Apollo in the original and Tom Zarek in the later series—was the ideal moderator, and writer/producer Jane Espenson (BSG/Firefly/Husbands) could've spoken all day and still held the audience in rapt attention.

The Dude Abides at LACMA: Jason Reitman Directs All-Star Live Read of 'The Big Lebowski'

Director Jason Reitman's live read of the Coen brothers' The Big Lebowski at LACMA's Bing Theater was the hottest ticket in town last night. The cult film set in L.A. capped off Reitman's Film Independent series. The casting was inspired: Seth Rogen (The Dude), Rainn Wilson (Walter), Christina Hendricks (Maude), Hank Azaria (Donny), Jason Alexander (The Big Lebowski), Catherine Reitman (Bunny), Fred Savage (Brandt), Nick Kroll (Jesus) and Sam Elliott reprising his role as The Stranger.

Tonight's 'California'-Themed Bagavagabonds Art Explosion to Raise Funds for Room 13 L.A.

If you're still looking for something to do tonight but can't decide between art, food, charity and music choices, check out the Bagavagabonds Art Explosion, where you'll find all of the above. The theme for this Art Explosion is California, and scores of art pieces will be available for sale via silent auction, with prices starting at $10. All art and admission proceeds from tonight's event will go directly to Room 13 L.A., which mentors art students from South Central's Foshay Learning Center.

Upcoming Largo at the Coronet Lit Events to Feature David Mamet, Chuck Palahniuk and Bret Easton Ellis

It's going to be a great couple of months for book lovers in LA. In addition to the Festival of Books this weekend, it’s just been announced that David Mamet (Theatre, The Trials of Roderick Spode, Glengarry Glen Ross), Chuck Palahniuk (Tell-All, Fight Club, Choke) and Bret Easton Ellis (Imperial Bedrooms, American Psycho, Less Than Zero) will be taking the stage at Largo at the Coronet this May and June.

Late-Night 'Largo' Film Screening to Benefit Autism Speaks

For the last 15 months, Largo: A Film has traveled the worldwide film festival circuit, and next week it's finally coming home. This award-winning documentary captures the spirit of the old Largo on Fairfax Ave., offering up the venue's signature blend of music and comedy. The film, which was produced by Largo owner Mark Flanagan and filmmaker Andrew van Baal, features performances by Fiona Apple, Jon Brion, Aimee Mann, Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Flight of the Concords, Nickel Creek, Ja

'Wicked' Lottery = Wicked Awesome

Although Wicked tickets are available through Ticketmaster, most people don't realize there's a way to get some of the best spots in the house for less than the price of the nosebleed seats. Before each performance, 26 front row seats are made available through the "Wicked lottery," which takes place next to the Pantages ticket booth. So with a little luck, some persistence and $25 cash, you could find yourself front and center for one of the final performances.

Greg Proops, Jon Brion, Tony Visconti, Russell Brand & John C. Reilly @ Largo at the Coronet, 6/14/08

Saturday night’s inaugural Greg Proops Chat Show at the new Largo at the Coronet Theater was a fun three-hour ride featuring music, storytelling and, of course, comedy. The venue was close to being sold out, and the show began with one-man band Jon Brion, who threw a few Largo newbies for a loop. Some giggling people unfamiliar with his work must have figured that his sitting behind the drums was some sort of set up for physical comedy, but as he began layering some live tracks, their amusement turned to awe.

Concert Review: Billy Joel @ Honda Center, 2/23/08

I’m not ashamed to admit that somewhere among my Jon Brion, Of Montreal and Vampire Weekend albums, you’ll find a bunch of Billy Joel CDs. Although I wasn’t even born when he first hit the airwaves, I’ve always had a soft spot for his music. Since I didn’t get to see him perform during the days when he was releasing and performing new music, I was excited for the opportunity to see him Saturday night in Anaheim.

Concert Review: 826LA with Zooey Deschanel, Julie Buxbaum & Paul F. Tompkins @ Largo 2/16/08

As far as live variety shows go, it doesn’t get much better than the 826LA Book*Smart events at Largo. The event, which usually takes place once a month, features an author, a comedian and a musician. Saturday’s event centered around headliner Zooey Deschanel, who blew the audience away with her vocal chops and helped raise funds for 826LA with sewn duck heads (it’ll make sense as you keep reading).

Amy LaVere, Bryan Master and Libbie Schrader @ the Hotel Cafe / Of Montreal @ the Avalon, 11/8/07

Thursday night was a busy one and I probably could've used more of a decompression stop between the Hotel Cafe and the Avalon to give my brain ample time to switch genres, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. It all began at 7 p.m. at the Hotel Cafe with Amy LaVere. I immediately knew I liked her when she took the stage with an upright bass that had a Bass (fish) sticker in the middle of it. It was cheeky, and I suppose that’s one way you can refer to LaVere. She took the stage wearing a trench coat and high heels, and throughout the set alternated between the upright bass and an electric one.
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